Anti-Counterfeiting Protection Design

Our products are not only designed to be simple and easy-to-use, but also have many sophisticated anti-counterfeiting designs to protect your digital assets.

Tamper-Evident Sticker

The honeycomb pattern would NOT appear on the QR code sticker unless it has been previously removed.

After the QR code sticker is peeled off, a hexagonal honeycomb pattern will appear on the sticker.

Wallet Passphrase Scratch-Off

The wallet passphrase scratch-off has a tiny Ballet pattern and the spelling is correct.

Ballet Logo and Seal

Every product has a Ballet logo and a seal on it.

For special products, such as the REAL Pizza, the seal pattern would be slightly different.

Serial Number

The product serial number appears in three places, and all must match.

Ultraviolet Invisible Ink

The QR code sticker has text that is only visible when exposed to ultraviolet light.

The text will vary based on the Primary Account. For example, on a REAL Ethereum wallet, the word ETHEREUM would be displayed.

Special Ballet Scent

The QR code sticker is coated with a substance that releases a special Ballet fragrance when scratched gently.