Crypto Business Card

Business cards loaded with cryptocurrency!

Pricing is as low as $4.99 per card.

Business Cards for the Crypto Era

The Crypto Business Card is a synthesis of the traditional business card concept and Ballet’s physical cryptocurrency storage technology. The Crypto Business Card serves the same purpose as ordinary business cards, but they can also store cryptocurrency inside! They are made of high-quality plastic in the size and shape of a credit card. The front side of the card displays your name, company name and logo, and contact information. The crypto is stored on the back side of the card.

State-of-the-art Security

Before use|After use
The Crypto Business Card implements the BIP38 open-source industry standard for cryptocurrency storage. The crypto stored on each card is protected by a tamper-evident sticker and a strip of lottery-style scratch-off material. As long as the sticker and scratch-off are intact, you can be certain that your two private key components are safe and has never been seen by anyone.
The Crypto Business Card is offline cold storage at its best. Crypto is stored on the card in a completely non-electronic way, so the threat of loss from electronic hacking is eliminated.