Ballet Crypto
The digital companion for your physical crypto wallet.
Mobile App
Receive, send, buy, and swap crypto assets with the Ballet Crypto app.
Desktop Client
You can receive, send, swap and check the real-time value of cryptocurrency in the Ballet Crypto desktop client.

Unlock the full Ballet experience by pairing the Ballet Crypto app with a physical Ballet cold storage wallet.

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Privacy Focused


Industry Standards

Supports 200+ Crypto Assets

The app allows you to activate use of multiple cryptocurrencies on your Ballet product, allowing you to deposit, store, and send more than 200 kinds of cryptocurrencies.

Please note: some cryptocurrency activations may require an additional fee.

One-Stop Solution for Crypto
Swap Crypto

The Ballet Crypto app offers an integrated cryptocurrency swap and trading service, allowing you to easily trade coins and tokens within your Ballet wallet.

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Buy Crypto

You can use a credit or debit card to conveniently buy cryptocurrency and automatically deposit it to your Ballet wallet.

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Please note that all cryptocurrency purchase services in the app are handled by third parties. Ballet does not sell or transmit cryptocurrency in any form.

WalletConnect is an open source protocol enabling the Ballet Crypto App to seamlessly connect with Dapps as well as display and sell NFTs on NFT marketplaces.
Air-gapped Signing
This feature allows you to enter the private key entropy and passphrase entropy in an offline environment, keeping the sensitive data physically separate from any internet-connected device.