Cryptocurrency Basics
What is Cryptocurrency?
Cryptocurrency is a broad category of digital financial assets that are secured by cryptography and decentralization, not controlled by a central authority.
What is Cold Storage?
Cold storage refers to storing crypto assets in a permanently-offline form, without being connected to the Internet, which brings the risk of hacking.
Why is Cold Storage Important?
Offline cold storage makes it impossible for malicious hackers to steal your crypto through the Internet.
Crypto storage for the 99%.
Easy – Zero Setup
Ready to use right out of the box, suitable for all ages and levels.
Safe – Cold Storage
Built on the BIP38 open-source industry standard, Ballet provides a self-custodial crypto asset storage solution that is safe from electronic hacking and preventable user error.
Giftable – Physical Bearer Asset
True digital value embodied in elegant physical form, a Ballet wallet is a classy gift that is suitable for any occasion.
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Supported Crypto Assets
Each Ballet wallet can store 200+ of the top crypto assets and NFTs.