Ballet Crypto

Ballet Crypto is an app that acts as a companion to your Ballet product, allowing you to manage your cryptocurrencies, check their market value and add additional ones to your wallet.
Mobile App
Desktop Client
The Ballet Crypto app is a companion app to your Ballet wallet. When using the app, your assets are kept completely offline on your wallet. The app does not store the credentials of your wallet and cannot access your private key. Your assets are kept offline and no one can hack or otherwise gain access to your funds through the app.
Please note that all cryptocurrency purchase services in the Ballet Crypto app are handled by third parties. Ballet does not sell or transmit cryptocurrency in any form. By using these third party-services you agree to be bound by their terms and conditions and any applicable laws or regulations.


No Account Registration
Scan the QR code on your Ballet product to start using the app. There is no need to register an account.
Real-Time Market Value
The app allows Ballet wallet customers to check the market value of their assets in real time.
Privacy Guaranteed
The app does not store your wallet’s private keys. It also does not track, store or transmit your personal or financial data outside the app.
Open-Source Industry Standard
Ballet wallets and the Ballet Crypto app use the open-source BIP38 protocol.
Deposit and Send Crypto
The Ballet Crypto app allows you to easily deposit, send and manage your cryptocurrency accounts, with safe and efficient processing of transactions. Simply follow the on-screen instructions - no hassle, no confusion.
Air-gapped Signing
This feature allows you to enter the private key entropy in an offline environment, keeping this sensitive data secure.
WalletConnect is an open source protocol enabling the Ballet Crypto App to seamlessly connect with Dapps as well as display and sell NFTs on popular NFT marketplaces.
Store NFTs
You can now store NFTs on your Ballet wallet, transforming digital collectibles into physical form.
Activate Multicurrency
The app allows you to activate use of multiple cryptocurrencies on your Ballet product, allowing you to deposit, store, and send more than 100 kinds of cryptocurrencies. Please note: some cryptocurrency activations may require an additional fee.
Buy Crypto
You can use a credit or debit card to conveniently buy cryptocurrency and automatically deposit it to your Ballet wallet.
Swap Crypto
The Ballet Crypto app offers an integrated cryptocurrency swap and trading service, allowing you to easily trade coins and tokens within your Ballet wallet.
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Transfer Assets
Customers can transfer assets from one Ballet wallet to another using just one tap.
Import Crypto
The app allows you to easily import all of the most common private key formats to your Ballet wallet, including mnemonic words (BIP39 / BIP44 / BIP49 / BIP84 backup seed), WIF, Minikey, BIP38 and others.
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