The ultimate collectible.

Ballet’s new Bitcoin BLOCK is a bitcoin collectible masterpiece, created by turning Bitcoin “digital gold” into physical form, made of advanced titanium as used by the aerospace industry. It is designed as a physical square block, to represent a real world version of a block in the ever-expanding blockchain. We created the Bitcoin BLOCK specifically for savvy bitcoin investors who want to hold a piece of history in their hands. Over time, as the block rewards continue to go down by half every four years, the value of this product will surely go up, and there will be real prestige in owning a whole Bitcoin block in physical form.
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Tech specs


  • Full Bitcoin Block Reward
    Bitcoin BLOCKs contain the entire coinbase reward of a newly-mined block. This includes both the base block reward of 6.25 BTC as well as all transaction fees mined in that block.
  • Virgin Bitcoins
    The bitcoins come straight from our mining pool partner, mined directly from the coinbase transaction in each block, straight to your physical Bitcoin BLOCK, with no intermediate hops. These bitcoins have no prior transaction history, and thus provide the highest level of privacy.
  • Physical Bearer Asset
    Bitcoin BLOCKs are physical bearer assets, with no external dependencies such as passwords or third-party accounts. Whoever has physical possession of the Bitcoin BLOCK controls the funds.
  • Two-Factor Private Keys
    Bitcoin BLOCKs are made using Ballet’s innovative Two-Factor Key Generation (2FKG) process, which utilizes the industry standard BIP38 process to split the private key into two components (the BIP38 passphrase and the private key entropy). Bitcoin BLOCKs are manufactured in two separate steps in two different locations around the world. This provides what we consider to be the highest level of private key security for the customer.

Product Diagram

Explosive View
  • 1. Block number
  • 2. Block reward
  • 3. Serial number
  • 4. Bitcoin address (QR code)
  • 5. Bitcoin address (text)
  • 6. Tamper-evident scratch-off
  • 7. BIP38 passphrase
  • 8. Private key entropy (QR code)
  • 9. Private key entropy (text)
  • 10. Honeycomb pattern indicating tampering

BTCC Mint Legacy

Bobby Lee, founder and CEO of Ballet, was previously the co-founder and CEO of BTCC until its acquisition in early 2018. Mr. Lee was the creator of the BTCC Mint series of physical bitcoin collectibles, which are among the most highly regarded in the industry. From 2016 to 2018, BTCC Mint produced and sold physical bitcoins in a variety of different physical formats, from coins to blocks to poker chips. Altogether, Mr. Lee produced over 22,000 physical bitcoin collectibles at BTCC Mint, containing over 8,700 BTC in total value.
With Mr. Lee as Founder and CEO, Ballet has inherited BTCC Mint’s legacy. With all of the core team members of BTCC Mint on board, Ballet has unique and unparalleled experience and expertise in production of physical bitcoins. We put security and privacy above everything else, and our four-year long track record is evidence of that.
The security of BTCC Mint collectibles has never been compromised. To date, all physical bitcoins created by BTCC Mint either remain intact in the original physical coins, or the bitcoins were transferred safely to other addresses by the owner. No complaints of fraud or security failure have ever been filed or reported. Mr. Lee is proud of this clean track record as Coinmaker of BTCC Mint and will uphold the same high standard at Ballet.
BTCC Mint Legacy
BTCC Mint LegacyBTCC Mint LegacyBTCC Mint LegacyBTCC Mint LegacyBTCC Mint LegacyBTCC Mint Legacy