Quick Start

Examine the physical product

Before you deposit cryptocurrency to a new Ballet product, verify that the ① QR code sticker and the ② wallet passphrase scratch-off are fully intact and not tampered with. If they appear to be fully or partially exposed or tampered with, DO NOT USE IT. If you have any concerns, please contact support@ballet.com for further assistance.

You can also verify and confirm that the ③ serial number on the product matches the two other serial numbers printed on the QR code sticker. The product serial number appears a total of three times, and all should match.


Both private key components are contained on the physical product, so please be sure to keep your physical product safe and not allow any unauthorized access to it.

Most importantly, do NOT reveal the encrypted private key or wallet passphrase to any unauthorized parties.

Download the Ballet Crypto app

Ballet Crypto is a companion app for your physical Ballet product, and it is available on multiple platforms. Click “Download” to see more details.


Use the Ballet Crypto app to scan the QR Code on your physical product

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