What is Ballet?

Ballet is a U.S. company that makes easy, safe, reliable cryptocurrency storage products.

The company was founded in 2019 and is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ballet’s flagship product is the REAL Series cryptocurrency wallet- the world’s first multi-currency, non-electronic cryptocurrency wallet.

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How REAL Series Works?

Deposit address
Private key entropy
Passphrase entropy

The Ballet REAL Series wallet is a physical cryptocurrency wallet that gives you full and exclusive control of your digital assets. A two-factor cryptographic private key is securely concealed on the physical wallet itself, which allows the wallet to function as a bearer asset like cash or gold.

The prominent feature on the front side is a QR code of the wallet’s cryptocurrency deposit address. This allows you to immediately deposit funds to the wallet without needing to set up or configure anything.

Ballet Crypto is a companion app that serves as a digital interface for physical Ballet products. The app provides all the essential functions of a cryptocurrency wallet while allowing private keys to remain securely offline.

Download Ballet Crypto, scan the QR code of the deposit address (①) on the REAL Series wallet, you can create your virtual wallet in the app. Ballet Crypto can help you send, buy, swap cryptocurrency, check their market value and many other functions.


The Ballet Crypto app does not actually store cryptocurrency or private keys on your device.

Both REAL Series private key components (② & ③) are contained on the physical wallet, so please be sure to keep your REAL Series wallet safe.

Do NOT peel off the QR code sticker or remove the scratch-off until you are ready to send crypto out from your wallet.

How does the REAL Series compare to other crypto storage solutions?

REAL Series



Ballet gives users full and exclusive control of their private keys; the security risks faced by crypto exchanges do not apply to any Ballet products.

Attackers can gain unauthorized access to users’ accounts and withdraw coins to their own wallet.

REAL wallets were made with decentralization in mind, so only the end users have FULL and EXCLUSIVE control of their private keys, giving them full and unfettered access to their digital assets.

Governments can compel exchanges to freeze users’ accounts and confiscate assets for arbitrary reasons, and users have no recourse.

REAL Series


Software Wallets

REAL Series wallets have no electronic components and cannot be connected to the internet, so the threat of hacking is eliminated.

An internet connection is a potential attack vector that can be exploited to gain unauthorized access to a user’s device and the crypto wallet apps installed on it.

REAL Series wallets never need updates or maintenance. Since the private key is in physical form, not digital, there is no risk of accidental data deletion or corruption.

Software wallets also carry the risk that software bugs or errors that occur during installation and update procedures can inadvertently delete or corrupt your private keys.

REAL Series wallets are designed to be simple and intuitive so that Self-inflicted user error is nearly impossible.

Software wallets are more complex than REAL Series wallets, which increases their risk of user error.

REAL Series


Electronic Hardware Wallets

REAL Series wallets require no computer setup.

Electronic hardware wallets have a tedious setup process that must be done on a secure offline computer.

REAL Series wallets are constructed of stainless steel to provide excellent durability.

Electronic hardware wallets have fragile electronic components that can deteriorate over time, or become technologically obsolete in just a few years.

REAL Series wallets never require updates or maintenance.

Electronic hardware wallets often require firmware updates. When done improperly, a firmware update can potentially damage a working device.

REAL Series wallets never need to be connected to a computer.

Electronic hardware wallets usually need to be connected to a computer in order to send a transaction, which is a potential attack vector.

What are the Characteristics of REAL Series?

Multicurrency Support

Tamper-Evident Design

BIP38 Industry Standard