Cryptocurrency Wallets
Designed for experts.
The PRO Series cryptocurrency wallet is a simple yet powerful cold storage solution. It is a non-electronic BIP38 wallet with an private key entropy that can only be decrypted by a passphrase created by you. PRO Series wallets provide the ideal balance of security and convenience — a cold storage solution that you can have cryptographically-guaranteed confidence in.
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Tech specs
The new PRO Series is designed to meet the requirements of security experts and high-value investors, but it is simple enough for anyone who has experience using a cryptocurrency software or hardware wallet. Users jointly participate with Ballet in the two-factor private key generation process through the open-source BIP38 standard. This method enables us to produce a customized wallet that can only be decrypted by a passphrase that you create, without your passphrase ever leaving the computer you used to generate the intermediate code.
Each PRO Series package contains three identical wallets, so you can store physical backups in multiple locations. The physical wallets are constructed of high-quality materials for exceptional durability and long-term storage.
Product Features