The transformation of pure digital value into solid physical form.

PURE Bitcoin Signature Set

PURE Bitcoin Signature Set is elegant in appearance and constructed of high quality materials for excellent durability. Exquisite silver and gold-plated PURE Bitcoin will be treasured additions to any physical cryptocurrency enthusiast’s collection.


PURE Bitcoin

PURE Bitcoin is an easy, safe, reliable method of offline cold storage that is suitable for Bitcoin Investors.

They are elegant in appearance and constructed of high quality materials for excellent durability.

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0.100 BTC
0.025 BTC
0.010 BTC
0.005 BTC
Variety Set

PURE Series (Low Denomination)

PURE Series (Low Denomination) is the perfect way to share crypto with your friends and family.

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Bitcoin (BTC)
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* To load cryptocurrency, please download the Ballet Crypto app.
Ballet crypto gift cards are designed to be one-time use. The deposit address will be displayed and accessible via the app while the crypto gift card is unloaded. However, once the crypto gift card is loaded, the deposit address will no longer be accessible. The app only allows you to send the entire crypto gift card balance in one transaction, and therefore you cannot send a partial balance amount. (For multi-use wallet functionality, please consider purchasing the REAL Series wallets.)

Product Features

Single Cryptocurrency Support

PURE Series can only store one cryptocurrency per card.

Marked Denomination

PURE Series display a specific amount of digital on the front side.

Note: PURE Series sold empty; it is expected that the customer will deposit the amount that matches the denomination displayed on the wallet.

State-of-the-art Security

Before use|After use
The PURE Series implements the BIP38 open-source industry standard for cryptocurrency storage. The crypto stored on each card is protected by a tamper-evident sticker and a strip of lottery-style scratch-off material. As long as the sticker and scratch-off are intact, you can be certain that your two private key components are safe and has never been seen by anyone.
The PURE Series is offline cold storage at its best. Crypto is stored on the card in a completely non-electronic way, so the threat of loss from electronic hacking is eliminated.
Ballet Crypto App
Ballet Crypto is a mobile app that serves as the digital interface for your physical Ballet product. Its innovative user experience allows you to send, receive, and monitor the value of your cryptocurrency, all while your private key remains securely offline.